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Child Support Law in Tampa

Child Support is the total sum of money paid by a separating parent with minor children to the other party to share the financial burden of raising the minor child. It includes the cost of raising the minor child in a reasonable standard of living given the parents income. It covers everyday expenses, health insurance, life insurance, etc.
Child support often has its own set of formulas, which can be either easy or tricky. The Anton Legal Group knows how to use this formula to get the best possible result for their clients.
They accurately determine the details of the child support formula. This covers the real income of each parent, not just the figure reported to the IRS authorities.
They know how to represent such cases to a court even if it requires some modification. They know how to make the amount payable by deducting income or through the child support collection agencies, if needed. They know to limit expenses while applying for a support. This includes dealing with a request for the other parent to pay your fees, if they are arbitrary.
If you need any help regarding such cases or want to discuss your own support case, then call Anton Legal Group at 813-540-6693 to schedule an appointment.

Wrongful Death Law in California

When a person is killed or dies due to another person’s misconduct or negligence, as well as, murder, the surviving children or any other member of the deceased’s family may decide to take legal action for the “wrongful death.” Several wrongful death charges follow in the stir of the legal trials, using the evidence acquired by the victim’s family and law firm. Regardless, any person who is found accountable for wrongful death might be convicted of a crime linked with that death.

A wrongful death may result from some circumstances such as:

  • Medical practice that may result in death
  • Airplane or automobile accident
  • Occupational exposure to harmful substance or hazardous condition
  • Death that may arise in a supervised activity
  • Criminal behavior
  • Damages in a wrongful death charge

Many law offers that the injury awarded for a wrongful death should be fair and honest. Anyone involved in wrongful death is charged accordingly. If you are faced with a wrongful death of a family member, and you don’t know what to do, contact Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP. They are experienced in personal injury law and will assist you on how to go about your case.

DC Credit Card Scam.

Credit Card FraudAny one who lives in D.C knows that fraud of this type is on the rise and unsuspecting card holders get robbed daily.Before anyone commits this type of offense,they must have a certain drive to why they want to do it,which in turn will lead to him or her gaining control of another persons card by either obtaining the card physically or just by using the number on the card to commit this crime.
The Lotze Mosley LLP is a criminal defense firm located in Washington D.C and practices a couple of cases including credit card fraud,murder just to name a few and was started in 1993 by Nikki Lotze and Kevin Mosley.They are believed to be the top ranking lawyers in D.C and are really good and committed to serving their clients when it comes to defending them in court.